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Las Gabias

Oficinas Concejalía de Cultura y Promoción de la Ciudad, C/ Fuerte nº 7

The municipality of Las Gabias includes in its municipal term the towns of Gabia Grande, Gabia Chica and the annex of Híjar. It is located southwest of Granada, about seven kilometers from the capital, and is bordered to the north by the municipalities of Cúllar-Vega and Vegas del Genil, to the east by the municipality of Churriana de la Vega, to the southeast by Alhendín, to the south by La Malahá, and to the west by the municipalities of Chimeneas and Santa Fé.

The “Casa de los Blascos” is located in the Plaza de España and is a sixteenth-century house built by Bernardino de Parada, Knight Sons of Huete (Cuenca), who settled in Gaviar la Mayor during the repopulation campaign of the kingdom of Granada initiated by King Philip II.

It is a house of an unquestionable beauty and constructive aesthetics, distributed in two floors of elevation, with a tower with arches and a wrought iron cross crowning it. It is accessed through a large wooden main door, studded with pieces of gilded metal, popularly known as “door of the teticas”, with a marble doorway of Sierra Elvira, presided over by the family coat of arms. It has a Castilian interior courtyard, flanked by eight columns of Sierra Elvira marble, which support a wooden balcony gallery, which gives access to the rooms. It also has an extensive garden courtyard with facade to the streets Molino and Algivillo.


MonumentPublic building Early Modern Period

Practical information

La Casa de Los Blasco is located in the urban center of the municipality of Las Gabias next to the Town Hall. It has good accessibility. It is currently in a process of reform having completed the first phase which includes approximately half of the house so there will be limitations of access to the rest of the house. All of the above depends on the type of equipment or infrastructure to be installed in case of filming (it is a 16th century building with certain dimensions). The opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm.