“Close your eyes” and “Segundo premio”, stars of the Third Industry Conference “Shooting in Granada”.

The professional meeting, organized by Film in Granada, will take place on Saturday, November 4, at Condes de Gabia

The film and shooting promotion office “Film in Granada” of the Provincial Council has organized the third Industry Conference “Shooting in Granada”, intended for professionals and companies that form the audiovisual sector of Granada, especially those associated with its Professional Directory. The conference will take place next Saturday morning, November 4 at the Condes de Gabia Palace. As this is an event dedicated to professionals, attendance will be by invitation only.

As in previous editions, the goals of this conference are to bring together the audiovisual sector of Granada and Andalusia, to find ways of collaboration between professionals, and to share experiences on productions shot in the province of Granada and new projects that are still in the development phase.

Poster of the Conference. Design: Sabina Rosado / Film in Granada

The conference will be held on the morning of Saturday, November 4 at the Condes de Gabia Palace and will have two parts: the first, starting at 9.30 am, after the opening, with the presentation in Granada of the Andalusian Association of Women in Audiovisual Media (AAMMA), by Agus Jimenez, president of the association and producer of Enciende TV and Mundoficción Producciones.

Producer Agus Jiménez, president of AAMMA.

Agus Jiménez is a producer with a degree in Audiovisual Communication who has worked for more than twenty years in the development and production of feature films, TV movies, documentaries and short films in different film and television companies (Letra M, Jaleo Films, Mundoficción, etc.).

Among others, she has worked in the production of the feature films 15 Days with You (Jesús Ponce, 2005), Neon Flesh Extra (Paco Cabezas, 2010), El mundo es nuestro (Alfonso Sánchez, 2012), Carmina or Blow Up (Paco León, 2012) and El mundo es vuestro (Alfonso Sánchez, 2022).

Producer Jose Alba, founding partner of Pecado Films.

Afterwards, producer Jose Alba, founder and partner of Pecado Films and president of ANCINE, will give a talk entitled “Producing films from Andalusia“, where he will address the strategies and formulas for financing a project (public aid, co-productions, AIE, etc.) and will focus on the case of the Andalusian participation in the film Close Your Eyes (Víctor Erice, 2023), shot in the province of Granada (Castell de Ferro, Rubite, Nigüelas and Dúrcal), with the support of Film in Granada.

Jose Alba is an independent producer and founder of the production and distribution company Pecado Films. Economist and European Master in Audiovisual Management by MEDIA Business School (MEDIA Training), member of the Andalusian Film Academy and the Spanish Film Academy, he has participated as guest producer in the TAREULA program (MEDIA Mundus) in Miami, in the LATC US Film Industry Immersion in Los Angeles and in EAVE+ 2023. His productions include Close Your Eyes (Víctor Erice, 2023), shortlisted by the Academy for the OSCARs, Mamacruz (Patricia Ortega, 2023), Oliver’s Universe (Alexis Morante, 2022), Journey to a Mother’s Room (Celia Rico, 2018), Guernica (Koldo Serra, 2016) or When Brooklyn Met Seville (Vicente Villanueva, 2021).

Producer Cristóbal Garcia, founder and CEO of La Terraza Films.

At 12:00 pm, the second part of the conference will begin, where producer Cristóbal García, founder and CEO of La Terraza Films, will give a talk on “Filming in Andalusia” about the pre-production and shooting in the cities of Granada and Seville of the feature film Segundo premio (Isaki Lacuesta), which was supported by Film in Granada.

Cristóbal García has more than 30 titles under his belt, his experience as business affairs; first at Morena Films and later at Telecinco Cinema, has led him to work on projects such as Icíar Bollaín’s Even the Rain, Daniel Monzón’s Cell 211, the ambitious animation project Capture the Flag, Alejandro Amenábar’s Regression, Juan Antonio Bayona’s acclaimed film A Monster Calls, winner of 9 Goya Awards, Álex de la Iglesia’s box-office hit Perfect Strangers and most recently, The Laws of the Borders (Daniel Monzón, 2021).

Set designer Rodrigo Segovia and Location assistant Natalia García.

To conclude the day, there will be a panel discussion of professionals from Granada, composed of Set designer Rodrigo Segovia and Location assistant Natalia Garcia. The table will be moderated by Mila Muñoz, assistant director and vice president of ATECA (Association of Audiovisual Technicians of Granada).


09:30h Inauguration.

10:00h Presentation of the Andalusian Association of Women in Audiovisual Media (AAMMA), by its president, Agus Jiménez.

10:30h Talk: “Producing films from Andalusia“, by Jose Alba, president of ANCINE and producer of Close Your Eyes (Víctor Erice, 2023).

11:30h Break.

12:00h Talk: “Filming in Andalusia“, by Cristóbal García, producer of Segundo Premio (Isaki Lacuesta).

13:00h Round table with Rodrigo Segovia (Set designer) and Natalia García (Location scout), coordinated by Mila Muñoz, vice-president of Ateca.

14:00h Closing.