Granada de Cine

Film Tours


The city of Granada has always been an inspiration for artists from all fields. Poets, painters, sculptors … all of them have been seduced by the magic of our city. The invention of cinema at the end of the 19th century only confirmed Granada as a muse for directors and producers. More than two thousand cinematographic pieces have had the city of the Alhambra as the setting for their stories, sometimes real informative stories, sometimes fictional and fantastic stories. From the times when the first female director in history made her first works until the latest blockbusters, Granada has always offered its best face to the cameras.

If you love Cinema, scenery and visual composition, this walk through the most cinematographic places of Granada is perfect for you. A route in which around every corner you will be able to experience the magic and illusion of the seventh art.


1.ALHAMBRA - Isabel (2012)

2.CARMEN DE LOS MARTIRES - El Príncipe (2014)

3.HOTEL ALHAMBRA PALACE - Días contados (1994)

4.BARRIO DEL REALEJO - La Luz Prodigiosa (2003)

5.CUARTO REAL SANTO DOMINGO - Carlos Rey Emperador (2015)

6.CALLE DUQUESA - Muerte en Granada (1997)

7.PLAZA NUEVA - Heart Attack (2014)

8.CARRERA DEL DARRO - Canibal (2013)

9.MIRADOR DE SAN NICOLÁS - Alice Guy (1905)

10.CAMINO DEL SACROMONTE - Todo es posible en Granada (1982)