Movistar+ premieres La Unidad (T2), with a storyline shot between Granada and Motril

The series was supported by Film in Granada in its preproduction phase

Movistar´s + suscribers will enjoy from Friday 18th March, the second season of La Unidad, created by Alberto Marini and Dani de la Torre and produced by Buendía Estudios. The successful crime series had the support and technical assistance of the provincial film office Film in Granada in its pre-production phase, both in the search for locations and supplier companies, and also had the support of Granada Council, which provided Movistar’s + production company with filming permits.

Shooting scene at San Nicolás Viewpoint. Photos: J.Grosso/ FIG

One of the nuanced plots of this second season was shot during the 1st and 2nd of June last year, in different locations at the city of Granada, such as the Ave María Casa Madre school, the Casa del Chapiz, San Nicolás Viewpoint or Puerta Real and also in the Hotel Impressive Playa Granada, from Motril. The production team who travelled to the province of Granada was made up of 80 professionals, headed by Dani de la Torre, the director. Local reinforcements, auxiliary companies and extras had to be added to this team.

Shooting scene at Puerta Real. Photo: J.Grosso/ FIG

Filming timing in Granada was expected for April, however it had to be delayed for weather reasons until Tuesday 1st June, coinciding with the week of the Corpus Christi Fair. As an anecdote, while the official reading of the opening took place in the Plaza del Carmen, local police of Granada were interrupting the traffic in Puerta Real so Dani de la Torre and his crew could shoot one of the main scenes.

“La Unidad” is a frenetic thriller that, in its second season, will maintain the same ambitious production level of the first one and will go a step further in the story of these anonymous heroes who make up a team of the National Police specialized in the fight against jihadist terrorism. Now, the aim of the terrorists will be the Unit itself and its members.

As in the first season, this second delivery is created by Dani de la Torre (‘La sombra de la ley’, ‘El desconocido’), also director of the series, and by Alberto Marini (‘Apagón’, original series Movistar Plus+, ‘Tu hijo’, ‘El desconocido’), led by a team of scriptwriters made up of Amèlia Mora, Alfred Pérez-Farga and Roger Danès.

Director Dani de la Torre gives instructions to the cast at Puerta Real. Photo: J.Grosso/ FIG

Starring female characters in positions of responsibility and leadership, La Unidad continues under the leadership of police commissioner Carla Torres, played by Nathalie Poza (Goya Best Supporting Actress in 2021 for ‘La boda de Rosa’ and Best Leading Actress in 2018 for ‘No sé decir adiós’) and Marian Álvarez (Goya Best Leading Actress in 2013 for ‘La herida’) as agent Miriam. Michel Noher is Marcos, Carla’s ex-partner, father of her daughter and leader of La Unidad; Luis Zahera (Goya for Best Supporting Actor in 2019 for ‘El reino’), is Sergio, head of operations. The Spanish actress of Persian origin Fariba Sheikhan is the agent Najwa; Raúl Fernández de Pablo is Roberto and Carlos Blanco is Ramón. The series also have a special guest appearance by Fele Martínez as Sanabria.

Technical Data

An original Movistar Plus+ series produced by Buendía Estudios.

Creators: Dani de la Torre and Alberto Marini

Directed by: Dani de la Torre and Oskar Santos (2nd unit)

Script: Alberto Marini, Amèlia Mora, Alfred Pérez-Farga and Roger Danès

Producer: Josep Amorós and Pepe Ripoll

Director of photography: Josu Inchaustegui

Art director: Juan Pedro de Gaspar

Sound director: David Machado

Edited by: Juan Galiñanes and Fran Rodríguez

Casting directors: Eva Leira and Yolanda Serrano

Special effects: Raul Romanillos

Cast: Nathalie Poza, Michel Noher, Marian Álvarez and Luis Zahera. The main cast includes the young Alba Bersabé, Fariba Sheikhan, Raúl Fernández de Pablo, Carlos Blanco, Fele Martínez, Fran Cantos and Aroa Rodríguez.

Genre: Thriller

Episodes: 6

Running time: 50 minutes