Jonás Trueba Pre-produces His Next Film In Granada

The new feature film has the help and support of “Film in Granada”

Filmmaker Jonás Trueba, Goya 2022 winner for Best Documentary Film, has been in Granada this week working on the pre-production of his next film, one of the big shootings planned in the province in 2022. First Vice President and Deputy for Culture and Historical Memory, Fátima Gómez, received the filmmaker and his team at the Palacio de los Condes de Gabia, headquarters of the “Film in Granada” office.

The director Jonás Trueba poses with First Vice President, Fátima Gómez, his First Assistant Director, Lorena Tudela (right) and the Casting Director, Marichu Sanz (left.) at Palacio de los Condes de Gabia. Foto: J.Grosso/ Film in Granada.

After visiting the City of Granada several times over the past year to search for filming locations and attend the opening of the 27th Granada Film Festival, Jonás Trueba has returned to Granada, this time accompanied by his usual First Assistant Director, Lorena Tudela, and the Casting Director, Marichu Sanz, to continue working on the preparation of his new film, which will be shot in the fall in the city of Granada.

Jonás Trueba’s new project is a co-production of La Terraza Films, Áralan Films and his own production company, Los Ilusos Films, and from the beginning has had the help and support of “Film in Granada”, in everything related to the search for filming locations, management of filming permits, mediation with other public administrations, organization of the casting and contact with professionals, companies and suppliers of the Granada film industry.

César Awards Nominee and Goya Winner

Jonás Trueba (Madrid, 1981) is a Spanish filmmaker with a growing up national and international projection. Since 2010 he has been the screenwriter and director of six feature films, which are shot and rediscover, through walks and conversations, the City of Madrid.

His fourth film “La reconquista” (2016) was premiered in the official section of San Sebastián Film Festival and his next, “La virgen de Agosto” (2019), was nominated for the César Awards in the category for Best Foreign Film.

His latest work, “Quien lo impide” (2021), is a great generational portrait of youth. It has won some awards, including the Silver Shell for Best Supporting Performance, the Feroz Zinemaldía Award, the FIPRESCI at the San Sebastián Festival and finally, the 2022 Goya Award for Best Documentary Film, on February 12.