Jesús Calleja shoots a new episode for his TV program “Volando voy” in the Alpujarra

A 25 people film crew travels the region of Granada during this week in search of spectacular landscapes and singular characters

The adventurer and television presenter Jesús Calleja has returned for the second consecutive year to the province of Granada in search of new stories, landscapes and characters for the sixth season of his program “Volando voy” by Cuatro. The mountaineer, who already dedicated an episode to the “Geoparque de Granada” project in 2019, has chosen on this occasion the Alpujarra region of Granada, and specifically the municipalities of La Taha, Soportújar, Pampaneira and Capileira as the main locations.

The recording of the program, which has the collaboration of the “Patronato Provincial de Turismo” and the technical assistance of the provincial film office “Film in Granada”, has begun in the small nucleus of Fondales (La Taha). Here the production crew has brought together the older and younger residents of the area with the aim of exchanging their experiences and opinions on the water and ditches issue, and in general, discussing life in rural areas.

The shooting phase will continue until next Saturday in the municipalities of Capileira, Soportújar, Pampaneira and Pitres, where the program’s main “mission” will take place. This mission will consist of a participatory action to clean and recover a historic ditch in Sierra Nevada in collaboration with 50 volunteers from the area and the University of Granada’s MemoLab project. Calleja has also selected a series of characters from the region whom he is interviewing and will invite to a helicopter ride.

The provincial deputy for Culture and Historical Memory, Fátima Gómez, has indicated that “the program’s production crew has received advice from the Provincial Film Office (Film In Granada) since the location phase started. The office is working simultaneously to attract film shootings and projects to our province that may have the potential to revitalize the municipalities’ economic activity and consolidate the Granadian audiovisual sector”.

For his part, Enrique Medina, deputy for Tourism, stated that “audiovisual projects are always a great attraction for provincial tourism, because they make the viewer discover our territory’s beauty. There is also a growing demand for tourism associated with cinema and tv series in general, and Granada should not miss the opportunities that are emerging at the moment”.

Jesús Calleja has indicated that he is “very pleased to have come to La Alpujarra with the intentions we have: talk about the crucial natural resource that is water and its significance for population establishments. I find it impressive that there are 4,000 kilometers of ditches here whose age has to be counted with centuries, and that they are located in such a spectacular landscape. The villages, the paths, the vegetation on the mountain’s slopes. This is a brutal paradise. My crew partners and I are very happy to be making an episode for the next season here in Granada”.

The production of this new chapter of “Volando voy” in the province of Granada has meant the trip to the Alpujarra for a week of a crew of 25 professionals from Zanskar (production company that produces the format for Mediaset Spain). A group of professionals led by Jesús Calleja and made up of camera operators, scriptwriters, producers, sound technicians, video editing professionals, and it even has the support of a drone and a special helicopter for filming HQ aerial images.

This is the second consecutive year where the popular adventurer has chosen the province as the location for one of his television programs. In the previous season, Jesús Calleja made a 50-minute edition of “Volando voy” dedicated to the Granada Geopark project, which was released on Cuatro on Sunday, October 20th, 2019 with great audience success.

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