The film shooting of «El Refugio», the second film by Macarena Astorga, finishes in Sierra Nevada

The project has had the collaboration of Film in Granada since its pre-production phase started

After the recent and successful premiere of her debut feature “La casa del caracol”, Málaga director Macarena Astorga has just finished shooting a new fiction feature film: “EL REFUGIO”, a Christmas family comedy shot entirely in Sierra Nevada and produced by Álvaro Ariza (“Esto También Pasará”) and María Luisa Gutiérrez (“Bowfinger”). The film stars Loles León, María Barranco, Cachín Alcántara, David Guapo, Sara Sálamo, Mariam Hernández, Antonio Dechent and Leo Harlem. The cast is completed by the children Luna and Rubén Fulgencio and Marco Ezcurdia.

Director Macarena Astorga (right) gives instructions to the actress Loles León. (Photo: Dani Medina / El Refugio)

Based on an original idea by Sandra García Nieto, with a script by Alicia Luna, Beatriz Iznaola and Inés Silva, El Refugio repeats the international co-production plan responsible for the success of “La Casa del Caracol”. This plan consists of the producing company Esto También Pasará in co-production with Bowfinger International Pictures from Spain, Tondero from Peru and Hippo Entertainment from Mexico; and on this occasion El Refugio LP AIE and Sygnatia join in our country and Cindy Teperman from Argentina.

The children Luna and Rubén Fulgencio and Marco Ezcurdia during the shooting of a take. (Photo: Dani Medina / El Refugio)

After five weeks of filming in the incomparable setting that is Granada’s Sierra Nevada, and having used a lot of artificial snow duirng midsummer days, “EL REFUGIO” starts its post-production phase. It aims to reach the screens of movie theaters this winter with Filmax as distributor, and laterjump to people’s houses with Amazon Prime Video.

The film’s ensemble cast in an outdoor scene shot with artificial snow. (Photo: Dani Medina / El Refugio)


A down-on-his-luck movie star and an emerging (and very well accompanied) gallant who threatens to displace the movie star because of their agent’s tricks; a mountain hotel’s owner and her crazy sister, promoter of a new and peculiar discipline that mixes yoga and feng shui; a group of children wanting to have fun, but also to discover hidden secrets; a quiet bellboy who has seen everything; and a tremendous storm that will leave all of them isolated days before Christmas… A weekend in a place where anything can happen… and where anything will happen!