The filming of “Secaderos”, movie that pays tribute to the Vega de Granada, ends this week

Diputación de Granada’s First vice president Fátima Gómez and Provincial Deputy for Tourism Enrique Medina visit the crew during the last working day in El Jau to personally congratulate the movie director and the crew.

Granadian director Rocío Mesa (Granada, 1983) has just finished shooting her first fictional feature film “Secaderos”, a multi-character story about the relationship between human beings and their environment that pays a personal tribute to both the people and landscapes of the Vega de Granada. The filming process, which lasted for around six weeks, took place in various locations in Vegas del Genil, Las Gabias, Ambroz, Valderrubio, Fuente Vaqueros, El Jau, La Paz, Chauchina, Churriana and Purchil. The film is sponsored by the Provincial Patronage of Tourism and has had the collaboration of “Film in Granada”, the Provincial Council’s Film Office.

The deputy for Culture, Fátima Gómez, and the deputy for Tourism, Enrique Medina, listening to the executive producer (Olmo Figueredo)’s ideas and indications about the film project. (Photo: S. Barcena / Dipgra)

The provincial First vice president and deputy for Culture, Fátima Gómez, stated during her visit to the shooting that “it is very interesting to see the recordings of the last scenes of a film that represents the Vega de Granada and contains such a representative element for the province that is the secaderos (tobacco drying rooms)”. In addition, she has pointed out that “we will keep on supporting this kind of projects that not only enhance Granada’s film industry and all that this enhancement entails, but also represent our landscapes and our province’s most distinctive aspects for the rest of the world”.

For his part, the provincial deputy for Tourism, Enrique Medina, stressed that “Granada is like a great set where any producer or filmmaker can find all the resources they might need. Moreover, a project like this one can be a great stimulus for those people who can be encouraged to visit the Vega”.

The movie’s executive producer, Olmo Figueredo González-Quevedo, stressed that “this film will mean a lot for the Vega de Granada, not only because it is a beautiful story, but because it will register aspects like the peoples from the area, as well as the municipalities, the landscapes, the crops, the culture and their customs”.

Granadian director Rocío Mesa greets the provincial deputies during a pause between shots on the last day of filming. (Photo: S. Bárcena / Dipgra)

Secaderos” is a rural drama with comedic and fantastic elements that brings universal feelings with which anyone can feel identified. The teenager Ada Mar Lupiañez Huertas and the young girl Vera Centenera Carnero lead a cast composed mainly of non-professional actors, native to the Vega de Granada, who were selected through an extensive casting in which more than 2,000 people from Granada participated.

Likewise, the local presence in the movie crew is very pronounced. To begin with, the director, Rocío Mesa, is from Las Gabias. The associate producer Fourminds Films is also a Granada-based company. Furthermore, casting director Marichu Sanz, head of Sound Joaquín Pachón and script supervisor Ana Aristegui are, among other crew professionals, from Granada.

“Secaderos” is executive produced by Olmo Figueredo González-Quevedo (“La Trinchera Infinita”, “Adiós”) and Paola Sainz de Baranda (“Antes de la quema”), both for La Claqueta PC and La Cruda Realidad producing companies. The movie also has the co-production of Belén Sánchez (“La inocencia”) for Un Capricho de Producciones. The American Amplitude INC & DDT Special Effects has recently joined the project too.

The feature film has obtained sponsorship from the Provincial Patronage of Tourism, plus collaboration from Film in Granada, in addition to the participation of Canal Sur Televisión and the support of the ICAA (Andalusian Ministry of Culture), and the ICEC (Catalan Institute of Cultural Companies). International sales of the film will be handled by Latido Films.