Sandra Hermida, Bayona’s producer, will participate in the II Industry Conference “Film in Granada”

“Film In Granada” will organise the conference together with Granada Film Fest and will take place on Saturday 29th

The Provincial Council’s office for cinema and filming promotion “Film in Granada” has organised the second Industry Conference “Film in Granada” as part of the 28th edition of Granada Film Fest, aimed at professionals and companies from Granada’s audiovisual sector. The event will take place on the morning of Saturday 29th of October at the Palacio Condes de Gabia. As this is an exclusive event for professionals, attendance is only by invitation.

The aims of this conference are to bring together the audiovisual sector of Granada and Andalusia, in order to find ways of collaboration between professionals and to share experiences about productions shots in the province of Granada as well as new projects that remain in the development phase.

Poster of the Conference. Designed by: Eva López / Film in Granada

The conference will be held on the morning of Saturday 29th of October in the Palacio de Condes de Gabia and will be divided in two parts: first, at 9.30 a.m., after the inauguration, there will be a presentation of the Andalusian Film Academy, by Manuel Sicilia, film director and member of the Board of Directors of this association, which includes professionals of the Andalusian film and audiovisual creation.

Following this, the local filmmakers Javier Morales and Francisco Montoro will introduce their new documentary projects “Y punto” and “El silencio de las hormigas”, which were selected at the Industry Forum of the last San Sebastian International Film Festival. Montoro won two awards at the event: the Treeline award for distribution and festival consultancy, and the IBAIA-Elkargi award, given by the Association of Independent Audio-Visual Producers of the Basque Country.

At 11.30 a.m., the second part will start, where producer Sandra Hermida, in charge of production for all of JA Bayona’s films, will give an online talk about the shooting in Sierra Nevada of “Society of Snow”, which took place between January and April. Hermida is the winner of four Goya awards, including Best Production Manager for “The Orphanage”, “The Impossible” and “A Monster Calls”. 

Sandra Hermida in 2017 with the Goya award for Best Production Direction for the film “A Monster Calls” by JA Bayona. Photo: Film Academy

To conclude the journey, there will be a round table of professionals from Granada, including the still photographer Manolo Pavón and the sound designer Mayte Cabrera. The round table will be moderated by Mila Muñoz, vice-president of ATECA (Association of Audiovisual Technicians of Granada).

As a simultaneous activity, there will be a workshop on tutoring local projects, led by the producer Cristina Hergueta and the director Virginia García del Pino.   


09:30h Opening, by Antonio M. Arenas, director of the Festival and Julio Grosso Mesa, in charge of Film in Granada.

10:00h Presentation of the Andalusian Film Academy by Manuel Sicilia, film director and member of the Academy’s Board of Directors.

10:30h Presentation of the projects that have been part of the San Sebastian International Film Festival, “Y punto” directed by Javier Tolentino and produced by Javier Morales and “El silencio de las hormigas” by Francisco Montoro.

11:30h Online meeting with Sandra Hermida, producer of “The Society of Snow” by J.A. Bayona.

12:30h Round table “Other technicians, same profession” with Manolo Pavón (still photographer) and Mayte Cabrera (sound designer), coordinated by Mila Muñoz, vice-president of Ateca.

14:00h Closing

Image file of the I Industry Conference, held on 23th October 2021. Photo: Alberto Vega / Film in Granada