The Provincial Council (Diputación de Granada) reaches an agreement with the Federation of Hostelry in order to facilitate film projects in the Province

The protocol signed by the president of the Provincial Council (José Entrena) and the president of the Federation of Hostelry (Gregorio García) will be valid for 4 years

All the accommodation and catering companies that are associated with the Provincial Federation of Hostelry and Tourism of Granada will guarantee when possible the best workable options for booking spaces and services to audiovisual producers who want to shoot in Granada and that have previously established contact with the film office “Film in Granada”. Through this simple but important action both institutions intend to facilitate and increase the arrival of Spanish or foreign film crews to Granadian municipalities.

The protocol aims at mutual collaboration in the promotion of cinematographic, television and advertising projects in the province of Granada. In this partnership the Provincial Council provides technical assistance and logistical support through its provincial cinema office “Film in Granada”. With this, the creation of adequate synergies between both institutions will result easier.

The signing ceremony was attended by the president of the Granadian Provincial Council (José Entrena), the president of the Federation of Hostelry (Gregorio García), the first vice president and provincial deputy for Culture and Historical Memory (Fátima Gómez), the deputy for Tourism (Enrique Medina) and the secretary of the Provincial Federation of Hostelry (Antonio García).

Entrena highlighted after the signing that “Film in Granada” is a project that “is still in its earliest stage” and that it is strongly aiming at “attracting filming projects to the province, facilitating audiovisual producers’ work”. “Granada has a great variety of landscapes, a huge monumental heritage and a very special culture”, said the Provincial President, who thanked the Federation for its collaboration.

For his part, Gregorio García indicated that the establishments will do their best to facilitate the work of filming crews as much as possible. He later underlined the importance of this type of promotion for Granada and showed his satisfaction with the agreement.

The first vice president and provincial deputy for Culture and Historical Memory, Fátima Gómez, and the deputy for Tourism, Enrique Medina, attended the signing of the agreement (Photo: Raquel Martínez / Dipgra)

By means of this agreement, the Federation is now committed to provide “Film in Granada” with the updated list of all the associated accommodation companies and to inform these companies of the agreement so that they all know the conditions to be applied in the reservations.

For its part, the Provincial Council is also committed, through “Film in Granada”, to inform audiovisual companies that are interested in the province of Granada about the protocol and about the activities and companies that make up the Provincial Federation of Hostelry and Tourism.