The filming of the documentary “Los constructores de la Alhambra” begins

The feature film directed by Isabel Fernández will shoot for six weeks in various locations in Granada’s capital city and countryside

«Los constructores de la Alhambra» is a co-production of El de las Dos Vidas A.I.E. , Al Pati Produccions and Polar Star Films, directed by Isabel Fernández, with the participation of RTVE, Aljazeera Documentary Channel, Versión Digital and with the support of the Diputación de Granada through the Provincial Office of Tourism, the Andalusian Agency for Cultural Institutions, ICEC (Generalitat de Catalunya), Sources 2 and Documentary Campus Masterschool, the Alhambra and Generalife Patronage, the University of Granada and the ARTE/ZDF and ORF television networks.

First filming day in the Alhambra enclosure. (Photos: J.Grosso / Film in Granada)

The documentary feature film has a fictional part starring the Egyptian actor Amr Waked (Syriana, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Lucy, etc.), who plays the role of the historical character Ibn Al-Khatib; and another documentary part based on a series of interviews with internationally renowned experts in the Nasrid Period.

The documentary is located in the Nasrid Palaces and in the Alhambra and Generalife enclosure, as well as in other Granadian buildings from the Nasrid period, such as the Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo, the Corral del Carbón and the Atarfe quarries.